Welcome to the Sour Planet! It's just like earth, but with more motorcycles. And demons. And the TVs only play '80s cartoons.

Alright, we do technically live on Earth but we're based in San Francisco, and some folks claim that's an entirely different planet. We can verify that plenty of SF natives definitely aren't in the same reality as the rest of us.

Anyway! We make shirts, stickers, custom decks, original art, and a lot of weird grunting noises. Our design process can be summed up with this super complex infographic:

Now you know how the sausage is made. Read on to learn more (including actual facts!), or just hit us up on the usual social suspects:
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Mmmm.. sausage.

 But I'm not into bikes...
You've probably noticed we're pretty moto obsessed. We're obsessed with plenty of other stuff too! If you dig the style but don't identify with the crotch rockets then just hop on the newsletter. We'll let you know when we launch new lines of products. Some of which (probably) won't have demons.

The Sour Story
Sour.org was registered in 1998 and served as the portfolio of Josh Godin for nearly 20 years straight. After the birth of his little devil in 2015, he upheld a pact with ol father time... and scrapped his life's work to be a stay at home dad. Then through the sleepless nights and playground days, a plan bubbled to the surface. A roadmap to unite disparate souls and show his new tiny demon a less worn path. Sour Planet was born! This meager collection of shirts and skateboards is just the next chapter in a long and sordid tale. We hope you'll stay for the full story.

 What is the Daily Demon?
The Daily Demon is the version of you who creeps out after the sun sets. The inner beast who breaks the surface when you let loose. The Daily Demon is mischief incarnate. We personify that ugly mofo so you can wear them right on your chest, luring in other demons and scaring off would-be angels.

 Sour Planet donation information
The world isn't looking out much for anyone, so Sour Planet donates 5% of each sale, split evenly between Children's Health Fund and Operation Homefront. It's only the beginning and we have larger plans for smaller communities. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or comments.

 Sour Planet Is...
  Josh Godin
Illustrator, designer. Video game concept artist, stay at home dad to a particularly teethy little demon.



Rupa Ved
Brains. Brawn. Browbeatings, eyelash battings. Rupa's doeish demeanor belies a dastardly demon. Her inner monologue sounds like a drunken Camus.



 Som Bebe Som Bebe
Clever devil. Chaos incarnate. The tiniest demon what wrought the widest destruction.